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The toolbox is a collection of MATLAB functions for modeling visual working memory. In support of its goal to provide a full suite of data analysis tools, the toolbox includes implementations of popular models of visual working memory, real and simulated data sets, Bayesian and maximum likelihood estimation procedures for fitting models to data, visualizations of data and fit, validation routines, model comparison metrics, and experiment scripts. The MemToolbox is released under a permissive BSD license.

Download the toolbox using one of the above links, then read the paper or the tutorial.

If you wish to acknowledge use of this software when you publish your research, you might write something like,

Data analysis was performed using the MemToolbox (Suchow, Brady, Fougnie, & Alvarez, 2013;

and then cite

Suchow, J. W., Brady, T. F., Fougnie, D., & Alvarez, G. A. (2013). Modeling visual working memory with the MemToolbox. Journal of Vision, 13(10):9, 1–8. doi:10.1167/13.10.9.

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